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antiX 15 “MX”

4 Gennaio 2016



antiX è una veloce, leggera e semplice da installare distribuzione Linux su Live CD basata su Debian “Testing”. L’obbiettivo di antiX è di rendere disponibile un ambiente leggero ma pieno di funzionalità e flessibilità per utenti nuovi e utenti di esperienza. Può essere usato su computer vecchi (bastano solo 128MB di Ram) ma anche sulle ultime workstation.

Versione 15: “MX”

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):


  • Xfce 4.12
  • Automatic enabling of Broadcom drivers b43 and b44
  • UEFI installer (64bit, experimental)
  • Details: type in terminal inxi -F

Advanced LiveUSB

  • Run in Live mode in 10 languages
  • Easy Live-remaster to make a custom LiveUSB
  • Three forms of Live persistence
  • Easy “frugal” install option
  • Automatic check of all LiveUSB file systems for integrity


  • Browser: Firefox 43.0
  • Video Player: VLC 2.2.1-2
  • Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.2.3
  • Email client: Thunderbird 38.4
  • LibreOffice
  • Expanded Settings Manager

One-click Extras with MX Package Installer

  • Children: Preschool, Primary, etc.
  • Graphics: Gimp, ImageMagik, Inkscape, etc.
  • Network: Skype, Dropbox, etc.
  • Office: GnuCash, Adobe Reader, Calibre, latest LibreOffice 5 etc.
  • System: KDE, LXDE, MATE, etc.
  • Audio: Audacity, DeaDBeeF, Pithos, etc.
  • Video: DVDStyler, MPlayer, OpenShot, etc
  • Kernel: Fallback Debian 3.16, latest Liquorix 4.3
  • Development: deb packaging tools, git tools, QT5 Development Environment
  • Games: PlayOnLinux, Steam, Supertux, Supertuxkart, etc
  • Language: Localisation of applications such as firefox, thunderbird, libreoffice
  • Miscellaneous: VirtualBox, GoogleEarth, Wine, java,

MX Original Apps

  • Apt Notifier
  • Boot Repair
  • Broadcom Manager
  • Check Apt GPG
  • Codecs Installer
  • Find Shares
  • Flash Manager
  • Package Installer
  • Switch User
  • User Manager
  • Persistence/Remaster
  • Create Live USB
  • Sound Card

User Experience

  • Stable
  • Easy and flexible installation
  • Excellent hardware recognition
  • Configuration automatic for most users
  • One-click change of panel orientation
  • One-click enabling of Event sounds
  • Important applications updated regularly by Community
  • MX Tools dashboard for easy access to MX apps
  • Localization for MX apps in many languages
  • Great help through video set
  • Full Users Manual onboard and online
  • Excellent support on a friendly forum


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://antix.mepis.com/

Il sito web per sviluppatori è: http://sourceforge.net/projects/antix-linux


antiX 15 "MX"

antiX 15 “MX”


La distribuzione è disponibile sia a 32 che a 64 bit.


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