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Simplicity Linux 15.10

30 Ottobre 2015

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux

Simplicity Linux è una distribuzione Linux derivata da Puppy Linux e che utilizza il desktop enviroument LXDE per default.  E’ disponibile in 4 edizioni: Obsidian, Netbook, Desktop e Media.

Versione 15.10

Questa versione (in Inglese):


We are very pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 15.10. Due to some issues users were finding with the 64 bit edition of Simplicity 15.7, we’ve decided to put our 64 bit releases on hiatus until we can resolve the issue.

The two 32 bit bit editions of Simplicity 15.10 both feature the 4.1.1 Linux kernel and are based on the excellent LXPup. LXDE is used as the desktop, and wbar is used as a dock for preinstalled software and features.

Netbook is our lightweight edition, which comes with fewer local apps and more cloud based applications. It’s a good starting point for anyone who might feel intimidated by Linux or people with older hardware.

Desktop features more local software, such as LibreOffice and Thunderbird for handling office tasks and e-mail. It is the edition we personally use on our production machine as it’s more fully featured.

And for the adventurous, we have X. X this time around has an older kernel, 3.4.94, but comes with the LXQT desktop, and a host of locally installed apps including WINE. This is our experimental version which we use as a testing ground for new features. It may not be complete or fully work, but it will also give you a flavour of what to expect in the future.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per i programmatori è:


Simplicity Linux 15.10

Simplicity Linux 15.10


La versione a 64 bit non è disponibile per alcuni problemi emersi nella precedente versione.


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