Peppermint OS 6-20150904

12 Settembre 2015



Peppermint OS

Peppermint è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu e LDXE, nata per essere veloce, migliorando quindi la mobilità e la facilità di utilizzo del proprio sistema (utilizza comunque delle utility di Mint). Si avvia e spegne velocemente (in pochi secondi e non in minuti) avendo tutto concentrato in soli 512MB (per cui anche in modalità live cd/usb da il meglio di sè).

Versione 6-20150904

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • The primary change (and the reason for the early respin) is the 64bit version now has working UEFI and Secureboot support on disks with a GPT partition table .. allowing easy installation of Peppermint 6 64bit alongside Windows 8/8.1/10 in dual/multi boot configuration on GPT disks, or just installed on its own without needing to switch to legacy BIOS mode (CSM) and disable Secureboot.
  • We’re pleased to announce a new version of Ice with added support for the Firefox web browser (alongside Chromium and Chrome) .. allowing the creation of SSB’s that open in a Firefox window without the usual toolbar/address-bar/tab-bar clutter and neatly integrating them into the system menus, thereby putting web applications on an equal footing with locally installed applications as far as system integration and appearance.
    For further information on Ice and SSB’s, please see here
  • We’ve made some slight tweaks to the Peppermix-Dark theme:-
    a) Switch from a striped background in the menu to a plain dark gray lightly textured background.
    b) Switch from a striped background in the Nemo file manager left hand panel to a plain dark gray lightly textured background.
    c) Removed alternating row striping in the Nemo list view (Nemo file manager and Synaptic package manager, etc.).
  • The respin includes a few minor bug fixes and tweaks:-
    a) Minimum disk space requirement for installation adjusted to 3.8GB (for EeePC users with 4GB SSD’s, and people that want to do a full non-live installation to a 4GB USB stick)
    b) The removal of the unnecessary xfce4-power-manager-data package (left over from our switch to mate-power-manager).
    c) Removal of the duplicate “Window-Shot” keyboard shortcut action that caused focussed window screenshots to be saved twice (once on the desktop and once in the users home directory).
  • Includes all updates to date.


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Peppermint OS Six

Peppermint OS Six


Si tratta di un respin della versione 6.


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