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LXLE 14.04.3

3 Settembre 2015



LXLE è una semplice e leggera distribuzione Linux per desktop basata su Lubuntu e utilizzante il desktop enviroment LXDE. LXLE si basa unicamente sulla versione long term (TLS) ed è pensata per il riutilizzo del vecchio hardware.

Versione 14.04.3

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Delays, delays. First with SeaMonkey then Lanshop. Still, moving forward with the release of LXLE 14.04.3 OS for both 32 & 64 bit machines. 12.04.5 32 bit has also been updated to reflect the same changes.

Notable new features in this release includes, ‘Xautolock‘ providing a top left hotcorner that invokes the ‘WinPick” script which is an expose like utility and finally ‘OpenSnap‘ added true aerosnap with just a simple drag & drop.

All software has been updated to it’s latest stable version given its availablility in the main software repositories and additional PPAs.  A partial list of included software can be found here and a full list here.


Gcalculator dropped for Gnome Calculator due to user requests.

StartupDiskCreator dropped for MultibootUSB, more features and flexibilty.

Minitube removed, now depends on VLC, producing duplicate codecs.

DejaDup removed since Systemback provides similar options.

Menu Editor now induces root priveledges before launch.

Lightning Calendar & LightBird updated to work together.

Close’n forget browser addon added to reduce snooping.

Streamlined SeaMonkey extensions and user interface.

More stringent system wide preferred applications settings.

Numerous bug fixes incorporated from forum users posts.

BountySource donations in place, paying 75% to developers.

Sister site now uses a Pligg CMS solution.

Manual update checking but security updates are auto installed.

General computer usage overall system requirements.


La distribuzione (1,3GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


LXLE 14.04.3

LXLE 14.04.3


E’ disponibile anche la versione a 32 bit.



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