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23 Agosto 2015



KaOS è una distribuzione Linux per desktop che utilizza l’ultima versione del desktop enviroment KDE, la suite office Calligra e altre applicazioni basate su Qt toolkit. E’ stata ispirata da Arch Linux, ma usa i propri repositori. KaOS è una rolling-release ed è compilata solo per i 64 bit.

Versione 2015.08

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

It is with great pleasure to present to you the 2015.08 ISO. This ISO brings a long list of wonderful improvements to all of KDE. Biggest part undoubtedly is the first time to have the option to run Plasma 5 in a Wayland session. It still is in an early stage so kwin_x11 is of course the default still.

KaOS is also approaching a completed switch from Qt 4 to Qt 5 only. This ISO has only one application left that depends on Qt 4, hplip, The repositories have about a dozen left that still need Qt 4.

Most notable major updates over the last two months are the Xorg 1.17 stack, Glib2 2.44.2 stack, Qt 5.50, GCC 4.9.3, Linux 4.1.5 and Systemd 224.
This ISO KaOS uses the Systemd provided Systemd-boot for UEFI installs, Gummiboot is depreciated.

As for the desktop this ISO brings all the latest of Plasma 5 (Frameworks 5.13.0, Plasma 5.4RC1) and KDE Applications 15.07.90. All build on Qt 5.5.0. Plasma-volume-control is now part of the Plasma 5 group, renamed to Plasma-pa (for sound plasmoid). Many more applications are now fully ported to Qt5/Frameworks 5, examples of the recent ports are Megaglest, Tellico, KMahjongg, lmms, smb4k, qmmp, Basket and Lyx.

Calamares, the used installer framework, has received a lot of work. Highlights of the additions:

  • Added the option of not installing a boot loader on MBR (legacy BIOS boot) systems.
  • Added the option of changing the file system type when editing a partition.
  • More robust partition detection and mounting/unmounting
  • Swap partition support in automatic partitioning
  • Fixed an issue which could result in the wrong mount point being set for a swap partition
  • Adjusted the Install page so that the QML slideshow is loaded and started exactly when the install operation starts
  • Improved branding mechanism, with distribution branding option on the Welcome page

Octopi is becoming a very crucial part of full system maintenance for KaOS. It is not just a GUI frontend to pacman. Tools like making sure a mirror is synced before starting any update, looking at the pacman logs, an option to get a paste from a complete snapshot of all info of a system with the SysInfo tool are included. Also included are very simple ways to open files, like copy to clipboard the file path shown in Octopi. To make sure the system doesn’t start using too much disk space for the pacman cache, but still giving the user the option to retain some recent packages, the cache-cleaner tool is a great addition. The built-in tool to access KCP has now a much clearer place with the addition of its own “foreign” icon in the menu-bar. When viewing package info it is now possible to click the depends of such a package.


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KaOS 2015.04

KaOS 2015.04


E’ possibile testare Wayland in due modi che vengono descritti nel sito.



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