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Calculate Linux 14.16

22 Aprile 2015

Calculate Linux, KDE, XFCE


Calculate Linux

Calculate Linux sono tre distribuzioni Linux basate su Gentoo. Calculate Directory Server (CDS) è la soluzione per server che supporta Windows e Linux tramite LDAP + SAMBA. Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD) è una distribuzione per workstation disponibile  con KDE, GNOME o Xfce. Calculate Linux Scratch (CLS) è un live CD che permette di costruire la propria distribuzione.

Versione 14.16

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • System optimization
    • UKSM (Ultra Kernel Samepage Merging) and KSWAP (Kernel Swap Patches) enabled to reduce the disk load;
    • Trim settings activated for SSD volumes;
    • Kernel and kernel modules packed respectively with lz4 and gzip;
    • Noop used as the default scheduler on SSD and virtual machines, BFQ everywhere else;
    • Shorter animation launch at boot / logout time;
    • Disk operations got lower priority for the package manager.
  • Calculate Utilities optimization
    • A faster launching;
    • A faster start of the calculate-core daemon;
    • Caching of packages to be configured with templates;
    • Optimized system setup at first launch;
    • Optimized settings checkup at launch time;
    • Optimized system setup scripts for LiveCD bootup.
  • The completely rewritten cl-kernel tool
    • Kernel settings created as Calculate templates, thus allowing:
      • Calculate-sources customization at package compilation time;
      • Transparent migration between kernel versions.
    • Dracut used for generating initramfs;
    • Kernel customization possible, as well with initramfs as without.
    • French, Russian and Bulgarian localizations available.
  • Livecd now using OverlayFS for correct support of xattr-dependent packages.
  • Udev replaced with a fork, Eudev.
  • A better support for Apple iPhone and iPod in CLDX.
  • Both XFCE and KDE environments updated, up to versions 4.12 and 4.14.6 respectively.
  • XBMC, in CMC, updated to the Kodi version.
  • The standard Gtk+ theme used in Chromium instead of Minimal White.
  • The AdBlock Plus browser extension replaced with the faster and more lightweight µBlock.
  • Minimized update errors, as all Calculate Utilities are now installed as a single package.
  • TLSv1_2 encryption for using Calculate Utilities remotely.
  • Fixed errors when joining / quitting a domain or synchronizing user profiles.
  • Files created in CDS opened correctly by MS Office software.
  • IPMI support added in CDS and CSS.
  • Portage 2.2.16 support added everywhere.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Calculate Linux 14

Calculate Linux 14


Si può fare l’aggiornamento dalla versione 14 seguedo le istruzioni nel sito web.

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