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UberStudent 4.1

16 Gennaio 2015

UberStudent, XFCE



UberStudent è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu che utilizza due differenti desktop manager alternativi: XFCE (default) e MATE.

Lo scopo è di offrire un ambiente adatto all’apprendimento e l’insegnamento di studenti delle scuole superiori, oltre che permettere un normale utilizzo del computer per i compiti di tutti i giorni.

Versione 4.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):


  • Ubuntu 14.04 Long-term Stable Release base (with updates applied up to Jan 15, 2015). Supported until April 2019!
  • Updated to Linux kernel 3.13.0-37
  • Xfce 4.10

What’s New?

  • All known installation and other bugs have been fixed.
  • Robust EFI support. UberStudent has everything upstream Ubuntu has, plus a little more. See the notes below.
  • Much, much faster boot time–literally cut by about half.
  • Cleaner, faster code throughout.
  • UberStudent Panel Changer – Switch between a traditional two-panel desktop (like GNOME 2) and a one-panel desktop featuring whiskermenu and dockbarx. Takes two clicks and a log-out and log back in to take affect.
  • Improvements for smart auto-fixing of common Linux and Xfce annoyances that are often frustrating and perplexing to new Linux users and send them running back to Windows or Mac.
  • Over a dozen gorgeous new custom themes made by Ube4rStudent that you can mix-and-match with the new sets of colored UberOxygen icons.
  • Menu pre-loading. No more clicking and waiting for several seconds after you first boot.
  • UberStudent Locales – Easy-to-use, feature-filled program for language switching.
  • Main Menu Restorer – Restore the default menus with one click.
  • Guest Account Configuration – While still somewhat experimental, just make an account with the username guest and log in to it (and back out after making changes) to try it out.
  • A wonderfully customized Chromium profile with smartly chosen pre-installed apps and extensions that have no dependence upon skel.
  • A new Firefox extension coded by UberStudent that smartly removes annoyances and increases Firefox user-friendliness in Linux.
  • A greatly improved Update Manager coupled with even smarter apt configurations for still more stability.
  • UberStudent WebApps now have multi-browser support.
  • Improved hardware detection.
  • Driver Manager – improved to ensure that the latest and greatest proprietary driver options display as alternatives you can install (as always, please prefer the open source drivers contained in the Linux kernel, unless you have some specific performance need to do otherwise).
  • As before, everything “just works right out of the box,” including the custom builds of the latest Zotero, whether you prefer the standalone or the Firefox version.
  • Some updated artwork, e.g., the default configurations, plus if you choose to use it, Whisker Menu is themed with the default UberStudent theme.
  • The default UberStudent panels should work without artifacts or redundancies across various PC or laptop configurations. If you have the hardware for something, it should just pick it up and display it; if not, it should just stay hidden.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata  (662MB) da:

Il sito web delal distribuzione è:

Sito per sviluppatori:


UberStudent 3.0

UberStudent 3.0


Nei sistemi EFI il secureBoot va spento.



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