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Fedora 21

16 Dicembre 2014

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Fedora è una distribuzione Linux sponsorizzata da Red Hat ma dallo sviluppo open e totalmente collaborativo con l’obiettivo di creare una distribuzione contenente solo software open source e di utilizzo generale. E’ disponibile con diversi desktop manager anche se Gnome è il principale.

Versione 21

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

The Fedora Workstation is a new take on desktop development from the Fedora community. Our goal is to pick the best components, and integrate and polish them. This work results in a more polished and targeted system than you’ve previously seen from the Fedora desktop. We want our desktop operating system to solve your problems, not be your problem.

Easy access to all your software

The cornerstone of the Fedora Workstation is the Software installer, which lets you find all kinds of applications quickly and easily. The improvements to the Software installer in Fedora 21 provide a responsive and fast user experience. In addition, Fedora packagers have worked with developers around the world to greatly improve the number of featured applications.

Improvements to the Terminal application

We want developers to have a great experience, so a strong Terminal application is absolutely important. We’ve integrated a set of additional features in the Terminal, such as:

  • Support for transparent backgrounds
  • Automatic title updates to help you identify different terminals
  • A simple toggle for disabling shortcuts in the Terminal
  • Search for Terminals by name in the GNOME desktop overview

Experimental Wayland support

Wayland is a new and exciting display server technology that will power Linux desktops of the future. With Fedora Workstation 21 you can visit the future now, and see how well your applications work with Wayland. You can also experiment with making your applications take advantage of Wayland’s new capabilities. Much of the core Wayland development comes from Fedora Workstation contributors, so this is your chance to try out Wayland straight from the source.


We recognize developers need an easy and straightforward way to set up many different programming environments. In Fedora Workstation, we offer the DevAssistant developer helper, which takes care of this setup for a large number of language runtimes and IDEs.

Ease of installation

We want the installation of the Fedora Workstation to be as straightforward and simple as possible. In Fedora Workstation we’ve distilled this process down to selecting the layout of your physical media, and then pressing “Install.” (In fact, you can even let the installer choose the disk layout for you.) And because the future of installations is not optical disks, we ship with an easy to use tool to help you create bootable USB sticks — just download a new Live image, right-click, and write to USB.

Web service integration

We recognize you have work to do, and you want to use the tools that let you get it done. That’s why we’re working to make all your applications in Fedora Workstation look and feel the same. With the ability to run HTML5 web services in a chromeless window, we aim to make your apps feel like a natural extension to your desktop. More integration upgrades are coming in future Fedora Workstation releases.

Support for high resolution displays (HiDPI)

Technology never stands still, and as a software developer you are used to using the best technology available. So we’ve spent a lot of time and effort on supporting the new generation of HiDPI displays found on new hardware like many new ultrabook models, or the Apple Retina display. That’s probably why Fedora has been called the best of HiDPI.

Exciting roadmap

This Fedora Workstation release is not the end. It’s the beginning of a new era for Fedora on the desktop. We have a roadmap lined up to bring a range of exciting new technologies to the Linux desktop:

  • Containers
  • Smarter virtual machines
  • Better development tools
  • Improved toolkit integration
  • More web integration
  • …and much more

So if you want to be part of the future of the Linux desktop, get on board now!


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Fedora 21

Fedora 21


Oltre alla versione Workstation sono disponibili le versioni Cloud e Server

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