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Grml 2014.11

24 Novembre 2014



Grml è una distribuzione Linux Live basata su Debian. Include una collezione di software per gli amministratori di sistema e la ricerca automatica dell’hardware. Grml può essere usata come sistema di recupero, per analisi della rete o di sistema. Include 2GB di software nonostante l’immagine di soli 350MB.

Versione  2014.11

Questa versione contiene (In Inglese):

New features

  • new boot option getfile.retries=…: by specifying a number it controls the number of download retries for the netscript=… and netscript=… boot options (defaults to ’10’ if unset), usage example: ‘getfile.retries=42’
  • grml2usb: improved check for bootflag, new option –skip-bootflag and Python3 support
  • grml-quickconfig: display IP and password if ssh boot option is used
  • grml-lang: support language settings for Italy
  • grml-hwinfo: support i2c-tools’s decode-dimms, edac-utils and mcelog
  • grml-zshrc:
    • rework and unify $PATH handling
    • several improvements in battery information/reporting (incl. support for FreeBSD + OpenBSD)
    • extend dchange() to support apt-get and multiple package names
  • grml-debootstrap:
    • Adjust locale handling (LANG/LANGUAGE) to match with Debian wheezy defaults
    • Initial packer/vagrant/autotest setup
    • New option –vm to install VMs into LVs and such
    • New option –defaultinterfaces to install default /etc/network/interfaces
    • Set up default /etc/network/interfaces with dhcp for eth0 in VM use case
    • Copy /etc/network/interfaces from host system, unless –nointerfaces is used or target is a VM
    • Support –nokernel option to skip installation of default kernel images
    • Support execution of –grub when installing to target directory
    • Switch default filesystem from ext3 to ext4
    • Provide –debug option for very verbose execution

Important Changes

  • Switch from to as default mirror in grml-live: because of unreliable mirror usage with the grml-live system uses as its main mirror

Bits & bolts

  • Linux kernel is based on 3.16.7.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:


Grml 2014.11

Grml 2014.11


La distribuzione è basata su Debian Testing AKA jessie


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