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AV Linux 6.0.4

17 Novembre 2014

AV Linux

AV Linux

AV Linux è una versatile distribuzione Linux basata su Debian contenente una grande collezione di software audio e video. Inoltre include un kernel custom con il threading IRQ abilitato per avere una bassa latenza. Può essere utilizzata direttamente da live DVD o da chiavetta USB, anche se può essere installata per l’utilizzo quotidiano nel pc.

Versione 6.0.4

Questa versione contine (in Inglese):

  • Bugfixes:
    • Updated Ardour3 builds to a special preview 3.5-3368 to prevent possible MIDI/Audio data loss (thanks Paul Davis and Robin Gareus!)
    • Reverted JACK 0.124.1 utility scripts to utilize A2JMIDID because ‘alsa_midi’ doesn’t hotplug when new MIDI hardware is plugged in…
    • Removed ‘broadcom-sta-common’ and it’s blacklist file to facilitate more Broadcom devices to work OOTB
    • Added menu button to reload XFWM in ‘Settings’ Menu in the rare event it crashes on login
    • Disabled default Auto-mounting of HDD Partitions in a Live Session (thanks Zensub!)
    • Addition of Squeeze LTS Repositories for security updates including patched BASH for the ‘shellshock’ bug
    • Installer no longer offers non-English locales since they seem to be broken, however non-English keyboards can still be set up.
    • Replaced Iceweasel with Firefox and added ‘Ubuntuzilla’ repos for an up-to-date browser option..
  • Updates:
    • Updated to 3.12..19 lowlatency PAE default Kernel ( Thanks Trulan Martin!)
    • An optional full RT Preempt Kernel is provided but is not compatible with proprietary nVidia/Ati Video Drivers**
    • Updated Harrison Mixbus Demo to version 2.5 including new LV2 Plugins bundled systemwide to /usr/lib/lv2 (Thanks Ben Loftis!)
    • Updated Adobe Flash Browser plugin for security fixes
    • Updated AmSynth to 1.5.1 (Thanks Nick Dowell!)
    • Updated Guitarix to 0.31(Thanks Hermann Meyer!)
    • Updated OpenAV ArtyFX LV2 Plugins to 1.2 (thanks Harry for OpenAV updates!)
    • Updated Luppp to 1.0.1
    • Updated QmidiArp to 0.6.1
    • Updated Qtractor to 0.6.3 (Thanks to Rui for all new Q-stuff below!)
    • Updated Qjackctl to 0.3.12
    • Updated Qmidinet to 0.2.0
    • Updated VeeOne LV2 Plugins to 0.5.1
    • Updated Carla Plugin Host to 2.0beta3b plus new VST Plugin (Thanks falkTX!)
    • Updated LMMS to 1.0.95 + Carla Plugin host support… yep, LV2 synths in LMMS! (Thanks diizy and falkTX!)
    • Updated Drumgizmo LV2 to 0.9.6 (Thanks you wild and crazy Danes!)
    • Updated LV2 Stack to most recent releases (Thanks drobilla!)
    • Updated Xjadeo to 0.8.0 binary (Thanks Robin Gareus!)
    • Updated HarVid binaries to 0.7.5 (Thanks Robin Gareus!)
    • Updated Renoise Demo to 3.0.0
    • Updated Pianoteq Demo to 5.1.1
    • Updated Patchage to 1.0.0 (Thanks drobilla!)
    • Updated Yoshimi to 1.2.4 (Thanks Will Godfrey!) *note as always banks are in /usr/local/share/yoshimi
    • Updated FFADO to 2.2.1
    • Updated GCC and G++ to 4.7
    • Updated libgtk2.0 from 2.20 to 2.24 to hopefully prolong ability to compile GTK2 apps
    • Updated Cinelerra-CV to recent GIT CVA build …MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS! (Thanks Paolo Rampino!)
    • Updated entire LinuxSampler stack to recent SVN (Thanks rockhopper!)
    • Udated LiVES Video Editor to 2.2.6 (Thanks salsaman!)
    • Updated DISTRHO Plugins (many new improvements/additions… Thanks falkTX!)
    • Updated Hydrogen to a ‘risky’ 0.9.7 alpha build with NSM support (Thanks mauser!)
    • Updated Kdenlive to 0.9.10 (Thanks vpinon!)
    • Updated Calf Plugins to the KXStudio version with LADSPA and DSSI builds (Thanks falkTX!)
    • Updated LibreOffice to 4.3.1
    • Updated Blender to 2.71
  • New Additions
    • Added latest Emacs text-editor for developers
    • Added Meld file comparison tool for developers
    • Added linuxDSP DYN-4000 Plugin Demo (Thanks linuxDSP!)
    • Added Teragon Audio Plugins
    • Added JackAss JACK MIDI Plugins
    • Added SAFE Plugins
    • Added Infamous LV2’s (Thanks ssj71!)
    • Added official Pipelight Repository and updated to latest versions (Thanks slackner!)
    • Added EnergyXT 2.7 Demo (Thanks Jorgen!)
    • Added EnergyXT JACK Utilities based on falkTX’s libaam-jack
    • Added Individual Guitarix ‘Bluemann’ and ‘Rectifier’ LV2’s
    • Added Mverb Plugins – VST, LV2, DSSI and LADSPA
    • Added Shuriken Beat Slicer (thanks Rockhopper!)
    • Added recent GIT post-kickstarter build of OOMIDI


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


AV Linux 6.0.4

AV Linux 6.0.4


L’aggiornamento alla nuova versione è caldamente raccomandato


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