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MakuluLinux 1.0 “Cinnamon”

3 Novembre 2014

Cinnamon, MakuluLinux


MakuluLinux  è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian che fornisce una esperienza utente elegante e liscia su ogni computer. Include già installati codecs multimediali, device drivers e il software per l’uso di ogni giorno.

Versione 1.0

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Theming :
    I have included a nice slick default theme with this build, I have also added a few variants that users can easily switch to, as well as a few icon packs and cursor packs. Should you want to use your own preferred themes, keep in mind that Cinnamon uses GTK3 based themes.
  • Wallpapers :
    Makulu Cinnamon edition sports some beautiful wallpapers, This time around i have opted to go with nice colorful wallpapers, they just make the DE seem brighter in all regards. Makulu Makes use of variety wallpaper changer to change the wallpaper, if you prefer to manually control your wallpaper, you will need to disable Variety.
  • Software :
    Unlike previous versions of Makulu that was bloated with an “all out of the box” experience, this version is Very much less so. Instead i have only included the essentials for the operating system to function properly, meaning those 14/15 Apps that you would normally install right after you boot up for first time on a bare bone system. You will notice the list is a lot smaller than before. Anything you need, you can simply grab it via the software manager or via synaptic package manager, both are also included in the distro. I have managed to keep this new release with everything that has been added to a mere 1.36GB …
  • Display Manager :
    MakuluLinux Cinnamon makes use of the GDM3 display manager, We have dropped the MDM display manager due to the latest on going changes to it making it very unstable to use short term. Altho MDM was easy to customize and allowed us to make beautiful themes,which is limited in GDM, we prefer functionality over beauty when booting the OS.
  • Wine :
    Makulu Cinnamon offers “Patched wine” with D3D and CSMT support. What this means is this version is specially built for gaming, with some games getting up to 800% improvement over the default version of wine, there is also great improvement on a number of other areas including true type fonts. Users can now simply run windows software out of the box simply by double clicking exe or msi files …
  • Steam/PlayonLinux :
    Makulu comes preloaded with both Steam and PlayonLinux, users can simply fire up steam and start playing or manually install their games using PlayonLinux, its never been easier to game on Linux …
  • Applets, Desklets and Extensions :
    Cinnamon has a nice rich collection of Applets, Desklets and Extensions that can be easily installed to add functionality and simplicity to the OS.  HOWEVER : I advise great caution when using any of these, It seems the mint database has no “version detection” function and can cause instability with the OS when the plugin is very out of date. I have spent quite a few nights repairing damage caused by these plugins. I have included plugins in the distro that i have tested myself and confirmed is working. I advise caution when adding plugins from online, please check the date of the plugin before adding it. If you do happen to add a faulty plugin that causes havoc on your system you can always remove the cinnamon directory under /.local/cinnamon which will delete the plugin and restore system stability.
  • Dual Menu Support :
    As always has been the custom and Cinnamon is no different, this release offers dual menu’s at each end of the bottom panel, on the left you have a traditional custom styled menu that shares a lot of similarities with the almost MintMenu look in Mate, this menu is HIGHLY customizable, on the right you have mouse driven slings menu for the visually impaired or those that simply love scrolling the menu with ease or prefer to use a touch screen. Those that prefer just one menu can easily right click and remove either menu from the panel.
  • Installer :
  • Makululinux now has a fully automated installer, its a blended mixture of our original code and schoelje’s code, MUCH improvement over previous versions, users should now be able to easily install Makululinux without any further issues. Installer now supports auto partitioning, if a user installs to a blank drive that has not been partitioned, the installer will offer to partition the drive for the user, if however you are installing over an existing partition, you will have to edit your partitions the old fashioned way. The installer now also fully supports UEFI ( don’t get to excited yet … ). UEFI is not implemented yet into Makulu itself, but it is something I will be looking at in the near future, this is just the first small step towards that goal. The installer now presents user with 3 options, install with Gui, install with both Gui and terminal and Advanced mode.
  • Makulu Control Center :
    The Cinnamon System Settings panel is completely buggered, it looks like some modules are missing from the panel while others are incomplete, from what i can see in the code it is work in progress and some modules have not been coded yet, i have followed the progress on package releases and i noticed that slowly these modules are being added. However, developers cant expect users to sit around and wait for months or years till they can one day change their display resolution or configure their network settings. So I got to work and made my own Control Panel interface “Makulu Control Center”, which has all the Cinnamon modules and more … its a simple interface, but its pretty snazzy looking and it is nice to have everything in one place, I will also continue to build onto this control center as time goes …
  • News Feeder :
    MCDE has a built in news feeder that will simply popup a message on your pc should we have any important information to send you. in the past we streamed news straight to the users desktop, we now simply pop up a news box on the users screen, much more tidy and noticeable by the user. This feeder checks for news every 60 minutes, in the event that you are on your pc for less than 60 minutes, the news will popup on the next reboot after a 20 second delay. This is just a feature for us to send through any urgent or relevant info to users. You will see this service in the task manager listed as “news-checker”, and it currently uses around 1mb of ram. Additionally we have added a RSS reader to the system bar what will keep you updated with latest news posts on the website.


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MakuluLinux 6.0 "MATE"

MakuluLinux 6.0 “MATE”


Si tratta dell’unica versione basata su Debian che offre Cinnamon 2.2.x



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