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Proxmox 3.3 “Virtual Environment”

25 Settembre 2014



Proxmox è una compagnia commerciale che offre prodotti specializzati basati su Debian GNU/Linux, in particolare Proxmox Virtual Environment e Proxmox Mail Gateway. Proxmox Virtual Environment è una piattaforma open-source di virtualizzazione  mentre Proxmox Mail Gateway è un gateway per mail con anti-spam e anti-virus features. I prodotti sono gratuiti e si paga solo il supporto.

Versione 3.3

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • pve-manager (GUI) updates
    • new Proxmox VE Firewall
    • noVNC console
    • openvz: add bridge vlan && firewall options to gui
    • new Proxmox VE Mobile, GUI for mobile devices
    • add new ‘Pool View’
    • ZFS storage can now be configured on GUI
    • glusterfs: new option to specify backup volfile server
    • add new email_from option to datacenter.cfg
    • add Persian (Farsi) translation.
    • improved Spanish translation
    • update Chinese translation
    • Countless updates and fixes
  • update to qemu 2.1.0
    • pci passthrough improvements
    • hotplug improvements
    • migration : enable auto-converge capability
    • add cpu_hotplug (and maxcpus config)
    • add virtio-net multiqueue support
    • new option smbios1 to specify SMBIOS type 1 fields
    • set uuid for newly created machines
    • support new q35 machine type
    • add Broadwell cpu model
    • compile with new libiscsi (1.12.0)
    • use glusterfs 3.5.2 libraries
    • support drive option ‘discard’
    • add support for new qemu throttling burst max parameters
    • add ‘vmxnet3’, ‘lsi53c810’, and ‘pvscsi’ to the list of available network card models
  • improved Console support
    • HTML5 Console for shell, VM and container console (noVNC)
    • noVNC console is now the default
    • vncterm: new option -notls (for novnc, which use ‘wss’)
    • vncterm: updated signature for java applet to avoid warnings
  • pve-kernel-2.6.32-32-pve: 2.6.32-136
    • update aacraid, arcmsr, netxtreme2, ixgbe, igb, megaraid_sas and e1000e drivers
    • update to vzkernel-2.6.32-042stab093.4.src.rpm
    • allow to use grub-efi-ia32 boot loader
  • pve-kernel-3.10.0-4-pve: 3.10.0-17
    • enable vfio xfga
    • update arcmsr, netxtreme2, ixgbe, igb, e1000e drivers
    • update to kernel-3.10.0-123.6.3.el7.src.rpm
    • allow to use grub-efi-ia32 boot loader
    • Note: there is still no OpenVZ support with this kernel
  • update ceph packages to ‘firefly’ (0.80.5)
    • Note: Please upgrade ceph packages first if you run ceph server on proxmox nodes (see ceph upgrade instructions).
  • update gluster packages to 3.5.2
  • fence-agents-pve: 4.0.10
    • update to 4.0.10
    • add fence_ovh and fence_amt
    • remove baytech, bullpap, cpint, egenera, mcdata, nss_wrapper,rackswitch, vixel, xcat. Those agents are no longer included in upstream package.
    • removed fence_scsi
    • Note: This includes updates for fence_ipmilan (fence_ilo3, fence_ilo4, fence_imm, and fence_idrac), and some parameter names changed (see ‘man fence_ipmilan’). Please verify that your fence device still works if you use HA.


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Questa versione è basata su Debian Wheezy 7.6

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