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Window Maker Live 0.95.6-1

24 Settembre 2014

Window Maker Live

Window Maker Live

Window Maker Live è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian che utilizza di default Window Maker come window manager. La distribuzione include integrati componenti di GNOME, come pure Firefox e Thunderbird che sono migliorati da add-ons essenziali per la produttività.

Versione 2014-09-17 (0.95.6-1)

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Updated to the latest version 0.95.6 of the Window Maker window manager. See http://windowmaker.org/news.php for details.
  • This release is still built on top of Debian stable release Wheezy, but contains all updates and security fixes accumulated up until the date this final wmlive release version was built.
  • The system now uses the much more current backported kernel 3.14.15 version as its standard kernel. The installation to disk still relies on the the standard wheezy 3.2 kernel of the debian installer.
  • It is no more possible to limit the ISO image to CD size without giving up significant features. Therefore we reversed the approach and added a few more useful programs on top, instead. So a DVD is now required to create a physical copy of this ISO image.
  • A fully functional virtualization setup based on qemu, KVM, libvirt, and the user friendly virt-manager desktop application is included. See http://wmlive.sourceforge.net/screenshots/wmlive_vm.png
  • For laptops, the generic support for touchpads has finally been fixed and enabled, thanks to some very qualified user feedback.
  • The included firefox version 32.0.1 features the new Australis GUI design, resulting in some usability issues. For this reason, it has been preconfigured using the addon Classic Theme Restorer, in order to restore the former usability standards.
  • Some known issues:
    • Instead of the rather well supported 3.2 kernel, only used for the actual installation phase to disk, a more recent 3.14 kernel from the wheezy-backports branch is used as standard kernel once the system is finally installed to disk. For the 32bit version, both a i486 and a i586-pae variant of the 3.14 kernel is installed in parallel.
    • For 32bit systems, to enable bootstrapping and installing Window Maker Live also on a wide range of vintage computers, a i486 Linux kernel version 3.2 is used as least common denominator. While the i486 kernel is able to run on practically all Intel based computers, the multi core features of Core2Duo and later processors require a different kernel variant. Once installed to disk, a second i686-pae kernel version 3.14 will be available via the grub boot menu.
    • To largely maintain a uniform look and feel based on the gtk2step based Gnome theme which mimicks the Window Maker WINGs widget set, some limitations for package installations apply. Extensive use of apt-pinning was made, in order to shape package selections and to keep out GTK3 based applications. Please revise /etc/apt/preferences and modify it accordingly to get rid of these limitations if you plan to upgrade/install more recent packages.
    • The supported languages are currently limited to English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish only, with the dialogs of the main scripts being English only. While these 5 languages cover at least indirectly larger regions of the world, further internationalization requires the practical contributions of dedicated helpers.
    • The jfsutils package is not included, and choosing the jfs filesystem as standard file system during installation to disk will therefore result in an unbootable system. So please stick to ext3/4 or xfs.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: http://wmlive.sourceforge.net/

Il sito web per sviluppatori è: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wmlive


Window Maker Live 2013-06-05

Window Maker Live 2013-06-05


Versione finale, con ora lo stesso numero di release pari a quelal di Windows Maker


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