Deepin 2014.1

4 Settembre 2014

DDE, Deepin


Deepin (Linux Deepin, Hiweed GNU/Linux) è una distribuzione Linux basata su Ubuntu che aspira a fornire un elegante, sicuro e amichevole sistema operativo. Utilizza il proprio desktop environment chiamato DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) basato su HTML 5.

Versione 2014.1

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Fast and Stable:

In this version, we focus on enhancing the system stability. Meanwhile, the system performance has been optimized thoroughly and the major improvements are as follows:


In this version, in order to ensure the stable running of Dock on all computers, the main improvements are as follows:

  • Added the anti-frozen function of Dock in background;
  • Fixed the system frozen bugs caused by Dock.

Control Center

The control center is mainly to strengthen the display and the stability of network module function, and we have also solved the splash screen problem on some computers.

  • The soft control function of screen brightness has been added in display module, which has solved the problem that the brightness can’t be adjusted on most computers;
  • The wireless hardware switch prompt has been added in network module, and a series of bugs, such as that some wired network can’t show the real hardware have been fixed.


For desktop, we have resolved the problems of right-click menu and multiple screen display:

  • The response speed of right-click menu has been improved significantly and its memory has been reduced 90% than before;
  • Multi-display function has solved the problems of novice guide malposition and wrong display of wallpapers.

Built-in Software

We have improved or ungraded the software built in our system:

  • The problem that the downloading speed becomes slower and slower when users download installing software in Deepin Store has been solved.
  • Some functions like subtitle display have been strengthened and some new functions, like supporting folders’ recursively being read, are newly added in Deepin Movie.
  • Sogou input method and WPS have been upgraded to their latest versions.


La distribuzioen può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


Deepin 2014.1

Deepin 2014.1


Compiz non ha buone performance su macchine virtuali, perciò si consiglia l’installazione su hardware reale.



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  1. Massimo Antonio Carofano Says:

    Bellissima Distro Linux!
    Con la 2014.1 hanno raggiunto una buona maturità, sono sulla strada giusta questi ragazzi!
    Credo possa diventare la migliore distro linux basata su Ubuntu!

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