Clonezilla Live 2.2.2-32

3 Aprile 2014



Clonezilla Live

Clonezilla Live è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian Sid per clonare e partizionare il disco. Ricorda il Norton Ghost, ma è invece basato su altri prodotti open source. La particolarità più importante è che vengono salvati solo i blocchi del disco che sono utilizzati, per cui l’operazione di clonazione richiede pochi minuti!

Versione  2.2.1-32

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

    • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2014/Mar/31).
    • Linux kernel was updated to 3.13.7-1.
    • Partclone was updated to 0.2.70. An issue about restoring image file to raw format has been fixed. Thanks to quaid for reporting this issue.
    • Syslinux was updated to 6.03-pre9.
    • Package drbl was updated to 2.8.6-drbl1, and clonezilla was updated to 3.9.49-drbl1.
    • Two options were added to -L and -U. Patch provided by Ceasar Sun.
    • A boot parameter “ocs_prompt_mode” was added so some of the prompt could be shown in TUI or CMD mode.
    • Function parse_cmdline_option of drbl-functions was updated to accept all print characters ([[:print:]]).
    • Image creating time will be shown in the prompt before restoring an image.
    • An example gen-rec-usb was added. It could be used to create a recovery USB flash drive directly from the  machine. Thanks to ilovecats for this idea.
    • The example “” was removed because it’s in the main menu already.
    • An unattended option (-b) was added to
    • Package libc6-i386 was added in all AMD64 version so that some 32-bit programs could be run.
    • The “syslinux” and “isolinux” dirs of Clonezilla live have been unified as one dir “syslinux”. Thanks to Ady (ady-sf _at_ hotmail com) for this suggestion.
    • An option “-d syslinux” was added when running syslinux in Thanks to Ady (ady-sf _at_ hotmail com) for this suggestion.
    • The option “–rsyncable” was added for gzip/pigz when saving an image. Thanks to lucatrv for providing this idea.
    • Pixz is used in ocs-onthefly local to remote cloning. An option to use xz as filter program was added, too.
    • Switching back to lbzip2
    • Thanks to Steven Goris for reminding this.
    • Language files ca_ES and zh_CN were updated. Thanks to Juan Ramón Martínez, René Mérou, and Zhiqiang Zhang.
    • The parameter “autoproductname” should filter the characters “()[]{}”. Thanks to Coudy* for reporting this issue
    • The menu about “toram” option for grub should use toram=filesystem.squashfs instead of toram so that it’s
      consistent with that of syslinux.
    • The xz format for old image format (e.g. sda1.aa) was not detected . Thanks to peter green for reporting this issue.
    • A typo for the destination partition for 2nd confirmation for local partition to local partition was fixed. Thanks
      to Tweed for reporting this bug.
    • The grub dir name is called “grub2” for Fedora >=18, that causes check_grub_partition function failed to locate the grub partition.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è: Il sito web per sviluppatori è:


Sebbene sia uscita il 1° di Aprile, non si tratta di un pesce, ma effettivamente di una major release della distribuzione 🙂


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