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ROSA 2012 R2 “Desktop Fresh GNOME”

10 Febbraio 2014

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ROSA Desktop è una distribuzione Linux basata su Mandriva che utilizza una versione altamente personalizzata di KDE per offrire una migliore esperienza di utilizzo all’utente. Viene sviluppata anche una versione enterprise per Server (“Enterprise Desktop”) basata però su Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

2012: R2 “Desktop Fresh GNOME”

Si tratta della versione  R2 contenente però il desktop enviroment Gnome 3

Le carateristiche specifiche per questa build sono (In Inglese):

  • Automatic setting of keyboard layout, language and time zone based on GeoIP identification (GeoIP gets the default parameters, but they’re editable)
  • Acceptable automatic hostname
  • The first user (i.e. user set up during the installation process) gets added into sudoers configuration
  • Better btrfs support (btrfs formatting support moved to standart mode from experts mode; the partition size change command line option was modified to support the new version of btrfs-utils
  • Improved ISO generation for better support of USB-boot on some problematic BIOSes with earlier freezing issues (such as HP Elitebook, Sony Vaio etc)
  • Fixed full-screen Flash animation playback issue
  • Fixed ‘Printers setup wizard’ in the GNOME Control Center
  • Using sha512 instead of pam_tcb finally solves the passwords setting issue in the GNOME Control Center
  • The following panels were added directly to the GNOME Control Center: Fonts settings and GNOME tweak tools, plus some usability improvings
  • You can watch video over FTP now from Nautilus
  • GNOME FallBack session added
  • With our ROSA Hotkeys shell extention you may use Windows way keyboard shortcuts in GNOME (gnome-shell-rosa-hotkeys)
  • Fixed some security and usability issues (memory leak problems during long uptime; unlocked ‘two finger scrolling only’ hard locked parameter in the touchpad options so you may now set up the classical edge-scrolling way directly from the touchpad settings; wireless mouse battery level info added into the gsd-power-manager


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


ROSA 2012 R1

ROSA 2012 R1


I temi classici di Gnome 3 sono disponibili, anche se di dafult viene messo il classico tema di Rosa



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