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Ubuntu MATE 19.10

12 Novembre 2019

Mate, Ubuntu MATE


Ubuntu è la distribuzione Linux basata su Debian sviluppata da Canonical disponibile gratuitamente (tramite il supporto della comunità) oppure professionalmente a pagamento. Il desktop manager utilizzato è Unity, sviluppato dalla stessa Canonical, ma sono disponibili anche gli altri desktop manager (Gnome, KDE, XFCE…)

Ubuntu-MATE è uno spinoff diventato ufficiale e realizzato col desktop MATE.

Versione 19.10

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

I have not been completely happy 😞 with the quality of recent Ubuntu MATE releases. All the important stuff works but there have been niggly issues that by themselves are not deal breakers, but in aggregate are frustrating 😠 and spoil the experience. I’ve been focused on resolving these issues during the 19.10 development cycle and you’ll see that every new feature in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 addresses one of these paper-cuts. We’ve achieved this by expanding our QA team significantly and Ubuntu MATE 19.10 has been subject to weekly testing throughout this cycle. I can’t thank our QA team enough for highlighting the issues that need attention.

Most of the paper-cut effort has been focused around the window manager, the panel and the indicators as these are the main touching points of the desktop environment that users interact with.

MATE Desktop 1.22.2

Upstream MATE Desktop recently released 1.22.2. All the updates are present in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 plus I’ve cherry 🍒 picked a good deal of fixes from MATE Desktop development snapshots. In total, 67 additional patches have been applied to the MATE Desktop packages in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 to finesse this release prior to launch day 🚀 Included in those patches are fixes for locking the screen on resume from suspend, adding a Media Information extension to the file manager, performance improvements for the window manager and cycling external displays using Super + p. All this work has also been submitted to Debian.

Since the final beta we worked on the following:

  • Added experimental ZFS 🗄 install option.
  • Fixed rendering window controls on HiDPI 🔍 displays.
  • Fixed irregular icon sizes 📏 in MATE Control Center and made them render nicely on HiDPI displays.
  • Fixed Caja 📂 extensions not loading.
  • Fixed mate-power-manager 🔌 so it uses upower-glib get_devices2().
  • Fixed Pluma 🗒 plugins not loading.
  • Fixed a crasher 💣 in MATE Dock Applet due to an Attribute error in adjust_minimise_pos().
  • Fixed a gnome-keyring timeout ⏱ in mate-session-manager.
  • Fixed Codec 🎞 updates in Software Boutique.
  • Updated Advanced MATE Menu ⚙ to use the start-here icon, so all menus are consistent.
  • Updated the Ubuntu MATE Guide ❓
  • Updated the Ubiquity Slideshow 🎭


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Ubuntu MATE 19.10

Ubuntu MATE 19.10


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