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Tails 3.12

18 Febbraio 2019


Tails è una distribuzione Linux live basata su Debian e Gnome che ha l’obbiettivo di garantire la privacy e l’anonimato in rete. Questo viene raggiunto tramite l’utilizzo di Tor per tutte le connessioni uscenti e i dati non vengono salvati su disco (tranne se abilitato).

Versione 3.12

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

New installation methods

The biggest news for 3.12 is that we completely changed the installation methods for Tails.

In short, instead of downloading an ISO image (a format originally designed for CDs), you now download Tails as a USB image: an image of the data as it needs to be written to the USB stick.

  • For macOS, the new method is much simpler as it uses a graphical tool (Etcher) instead of the command line.
  • For Windows, the new method is much faster as it doesn’t require 2 USB sticks and an intermediary Tails anymore. The resulting USB stick also works better on newer computers with UEFI.
  • For Debian and Ubuntu, the new method uses a native application (GNOME Disks) and you don’t have to install Tails Installer anymore.
  • For other Linux distributions, the new method is faster as it doesn’t require 2 USB sticks and an intermediary Tails anymore.

We are still providing ISO images for people using DVDs or virtual machines.

The methods for upgrading Tails remain the same.

Upgrades and changes

  • Starting Tails should be a bit faster on most machines. (#15915)
  • Tell users to use sudo when they try to use su on the command line.

Included software

  • Update Linux to 4.19. Update Intel and AMD microcodes and most firmware packages. This should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Remove Liferea, as announced in Tails 3.9.
  • Update Tor Browser to 8.0.5.
  • Update Thunderbird to 60.4.0.

Fixed problems

  • Fix the black screen when starting Tails with some Intel graphics cards.


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Tails 3.0

Tails 3.0


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