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NethServer 7.5

1 Luglio 2018



NethServer è una distribuzione Linux per server basata su CentOS. La caratteristica principale è data dal design modulare che rende facile configurare i vari servizi del server. Si può utilizzare anche una interfaccia web per amministrare il server.

Versione 7.5

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):


  • SO release 7.5.1804 “final” replaces any previous ISO 7.5.1804 “rc” and “beta”
  • The Email module is now based on Rspamd
  • MX DNS record override for LAN hosts has been removed. Removed postfix/MxRecordStatus prop
  • Host name aliases are converted into hosts DB records. See Additional host name aliases
  • /etc/fstab is no longer an expanded template. See Requirements and User home directories for details
  • Default permissions for Shared folders is Grant full control to the creator
  • Default TLS policy is 2018-03-30
  • Default Server Manager session idle timeout is 60 minutes, session life time is 8 hours
  • Quality of Service (QoS) implementation now uses FireQOS, current configuration is automatically migrated. See Traffic shaping
  • The menu entry Automatic updates in Server Manager was removed. Automatic updates are now configured from Software center > Configure. From the same panel it is possible to select the Software updates origin. See Software updates
  • The NethServer subscription module is available by default in new installations. Run the following command to update the base module set on existing installations: yum update @nethserver-iso
  • The WebVirtMgr project is no longer maintained and the corresponding module has been removed along with nethserver-libvirt package. See Virtual machines chapter for details on how to use virtualization



La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


NethServer 7.4

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Si può aggiornare dalla versione precedente.


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