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AV Linux 2018.4.12

2 Maggio 2018

AV Linux

AV Linux

AV Linux è una versatile distribuzione Linux basata su Debian contenente una grande collezione di software audio e video. Inoltre include un kernel custom con il threading IRQ abilitato per avere una bassa latenza. Può essere utilizzata direttamente da live DVD o da chiavetta USB, anche se può essere installata per l’utilizzo quotidiano nel pc.

Versione 2018.4.12

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):


-Updated 4.9.76 RT Kernel with KPTI ‘Meltdown’ security patch (64bit AVL Only) – Thanks Trulan Martin!
*KPTI can be disabled at boot, see Manual page 76, Be aware no 32bit KPTI patch exists!
-Numerous important fixes to compatibility with KXStudio Repos – Thanks falkTX!
-Updated and fixed outdated Cin 5.1 and Spotify Repositories.
-WineASIO now works properly.
-Removed Grub-Customizer because it doesn’t work on UEFI installs.


-ISO files now have accompanying MD5 and SHA256 files, verify your downloads! (Manual page 5)
-Optional ‘lowlatency’ Kernels (Required for Proprietary Video Drivers) – Thanks Trulan Martin!
-Optional ‘SGFXI’ Proprietary Video Driver Install (Requires ‘lowlatency’ Kernel).
-UEFI install (64bit AVL only) *So far only tested in VBox! – Thanks korakios and arjepsen!
-Wine-Staging replaces Debian’s Wine packaging and WineHQ Repos have been added.
-Added firmware for Echo Audio devices
-Dynamic CPU Frequency adjustment (in ‘Settings’ menu) – Thanks korakios!
-Realtime Quick Config scan to check system tuning – Thanks raboof!
-Standalone AV Linux DD LiveUSB Writer to create ISOHybrid LiveUSB keys – Thanks Tony Brijeski!
-Simple Killswitch Utility to shut down unwanted processes.
-Kdenlive is back on the menu!
-Yoshimi comes back! – Thanks Will Godfrey!
-Xhip Synth and Plugins – Thanks acidose!
-LinVST (64bit AVL only) – Thanks osxmidi!
-SFZero SFZ Instrument Plugin – Thanks osxmidi!
-Noise Repellent Noise Reduction Plugin – Thanks lucianodato!
-Added new Shuriken Beat Slicer Repositories – Thanks rockhopper!
-Added Dragonfly Reverb plugins – Thanks Michael Willis, rghvdberg!
-Cool Retro Terminal… it’s just for fun!


-AVL User Manual is now 130 pages with numerous additions, expanded content and clarifications.
-Official bundled builds of Ardour 5.12, ArdourVST 5.12 (32bit AVL only) – Thanks Paul Davis, Robin Gareus et al!
-Harrison Mixbus 4.3 and Plugin Demos- Thanks Ben Loftis, Robin Gareus!
-All Applications and Plugins from the KXStudio Repos are synced and updated – Thanks falkTX and all FOSS developers!
-AVL Drumkits LV2 0.2.3 – Thanks Robin Gareus!
-Cinelerra ‘Cin 5.1’ Video Editor (SO many improvements!!) – Thanks Goodguy, Phyllis!
-LSP Plugins 1.1.1 – Thanks sadko4u!
-Shuriken Beat Slicer 0.5.1 – Thanks rockhopper!
-Polyphone 1.8.
-Quick Updater Utility cleaned up.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


AV Linux 2018.4.12

AV Linux 2018.4.12


L’aggiornamento alla nuova versione è caldamente raccomandato


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