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FreeNAS 11.1

29 Dicembre 2017



FreeNAS è una piccola distribuzione basata su FreeBSD che fornisce servizi di Network-Attached Storage (NAS) quali CIFS, FTP e NFS. sono supportati lo share tra Windows, Apple e Unix.

Versione 11.1

Questa versione contiene queste principali migliorie (in lingua Inglese):

  • OpenZFS has noticeable performance improvements for handling multiple snapshots and large files. Resilver Priority has been added to the Storage screen of the graphical user interface, allowing you to configure resilvering at a higher priority at specific times. This helps to mitigate the inherited challenges and risks associated with storage array rebuilds on very large capacity drives.
  • FreeNAS 11.1 adds preliminary Docker container support, delivered as a VM built from RancherOS. This provides a mechanism for automating application deployment inside containers and a graphical tool for managing Docker containers. Please report any issues you encounter when beta testing this feature to assist the development team in improving it for the next major release of FreeNAS.
  • Finally, there are updates to the new Angular-based administrative GUI, including the addition of several themes. The FreeNAS team expects the new administrative GUI to achieve parity with the current one for the FreeNAS 11.2 release. To see a preview of the new GUI, click the BETA link on the login screen. Here is an example of the new GUI’s main dashboard, with the available themes listed in the upper right corner.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


FreeNAS 11.0

FreeNAS 11.0


Questa versione continua con la classica numerazione numerica.


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