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Network Security Toolkit 24-7977

23 Luglio 2016


Network Security Toolkit

Network Security Toolkit (NST) è un live CD  basato su Fedora Core. Il toolkit  è sviluppato per fornire un facile accesso al miglior software open source per la rete. La maggior parte dei sistemi x86 (anche Pentium II) possono diventare strumenti per l’analisi del traffico, monitoraggio reti wireless, server di sistemi virtuali.

Questa nuova versione è la più robusta e stabile tra quelle sfornate e la maggior parte dello sviluppo è stata quello di integrare systemd nel sistema.

Versione 24-7977

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • NST will now be delivered as a 64 bit image only. 32 bit images have been retired.
  • A new Multi-Traceroute (MTR) networking tool has been developed for NST 24. This tool provides an interactive Traceroute visual using Scapy similar to the Traceroute Command and has been integrated into the NST WUI. Results from the tool can expose load balance tiers and NAT. NST uses the Python 3 version of Scapy known as Scapy3k. MTR includes new networking features such as running multiple queries with each target, display of Round Trip Time (RTT), selection of using Network Protocols: TCP, UDP and ICMP and enhanced SVG graphical results. Key NST WUI integration features include GUI options interface, an interactive MTR SVG graphic, NST IPv4 Address Tools integration, IPv4 Address Geolocation, MTR session Packet Capture, ASN lookup, MTR historical session selection and management, MTR SVG graphic editing, MTR session console output access and SVG Graphic image conversion.
    The MTR graphic below shows the results of running a TCP Multi-Traceroute session to both the “” and “” sites using ports: “80” and “443” with a query count of “2”. This results in a total of “8” trace routes. See the “Document on MTR” at the NST Wiki site for additional usage examples and a reference guide.
  • A new interactive 3D Pie Chart depicting the results from a ntop Deep Packet Inspection (nDPI) is now an integral part of the NST WUI Network Packet Capture protocol decode. An example nDPI Decode visual is shown below. See the “Document on 3D Pie Chart of nDPI Detected Protocols” at the NST Wiki site for a reference diagram.
  • Added the “SSLyze” project for analyzing a server’s SSL configuration to the NST Networking Tools Widget.
  • A darkness/lightness Google Map control has been added the the NST Map Tools. This control allows to one to make the background map image less intrusive.
  • As always, the networking and security applications included have been updated to their latest version which can be found in the manifest.
  • For more details related to the code changes for this release, refer to the “Change Log” page.


La distribuzione (2,6GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è


Network Security Toolkit 20-5663

Network Security Toolkit 20-5663


Questa versione è basata su Fedora 24.

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