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NethServer 6.6

31 Marzo 2015



NethServer è una distribuzione Linux per server basata su CentOS. La caratteristica principale è data dal design modulare che rende facile configurare i vari servizi del server. Si può utilizzare anche una interfaccia web per amministrare il server.

Versione 6.6

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Always login as root! The passwords of root and admin users are no longer synchronized. The AdminIsNotRoot DB key has been removed.

    The admin user name is available only if nethserver-directory RPM is installed. For backward compatibility it has still full privileges through Server Manager.

    When nethserver-directory is installed admin is automatically created, as in the past, but its Unix password is not copied from root any more.

  • At first login after system installation, the Server Manager displays a First Configuration wizard, where the administrator (root user) can set its password, change the host name, select the timezone and tune other security related settings.

  • The Package manager page has been renamed Software center, and moved to the Administration section. To enhance the page usability, two separate tabs show respectively Available and Installed modules. It is now possible to update the installed packages and read the updates changelog.

  • Starting from this release, YUM clients are redirected to the official CentOS mirrors to download packages.

  • A new page, Server certificate shows the self-signed SSL certificate and allows generating a new one, customizing also the alternative names of the server. As a consequence, changing the host name from the Server name page does not generate a new SSL certificate any more. The same applies for the Organization contacts.

  • Added Phone Home to collect limited usage statistics. Phone home is disabled by default.

  • The Remote access page has been removed. Access to the Server Manager is now controlled from Network services page, service httpd-admin.

  • Secure Shell (SSH) access is configured from the new SSH page.

  • The following sections has been removed from interactive installer: root password, filesystem encryption, keyboard selection, time zone selection. See Interactive Mode and Unattended mode. These options can now be configured using the First Configuration wizard.

  • A warning is shown on Dashboard and Network pages if a configuration backup has been restored on new hardware or if a network card has been replaced by a new one. A special procedure helps in restoring the network configuration.

  • Some new packages are installed by default to help troubleshooting: bind-utils, traceroute, tmpwatch.

  • The presto plugin for yum is now installed by default to speed up the update process.

  • If nethserver-mail-filter and nethserver-firewall-base are both installed (gateway mode), port 25 is blocked from green and blue zones. See Block port 25.

  • The php/DateTimezone prop value is now controlled from Date and time page, that already sets the system time zone. If the system-wide value is not valid for the PHP INI date.timezone parameter, the default UTC is set instead.

  • The base installation now includes the disk space analyzer. See Disk analyzer.


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


nethserver 6.6

nethserver 6.6


L’aggiornamento dalla versione 6.5 può essere effettuato via shell


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