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Network Security Toolkit 20-6535

13 Febbraio 2015


Network Security Toolkit

Network Security Toolkit (NST) è un live CD  basato su Fedora Core. Il toolkit  è sviluppato per fornire un facile accesso al miglior software open source per la rete. La maggior parte dei sistemi x86 (anche Pentium II) possono diventare strumenti per l’analisi del traffico, monitoraggio reti wireless, server di sistemi virtuali.

Questa nuova versione è la più robusta e stabile tra quelle sfornate e la maggior parte dello sviluppo è stata quello di integrare systemd nel sistema.

Versione 20-6535

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

  • Development of the NST Mapping Tools which includes the following overlays and widgets (The Image below depicts some of the mapping tools.):
    • The display of a dynamic Latitude/Longitude grid overlay on the Google Maps.
    • A widget for displaying one or more Distance Measurement Tool Rulers. Units can be displayed in Km, Mi, NM, px, coordinates and round-trip times (msecs).
    • A Distance Measurement Tool Ruler Editor is provided for manual ruler endpoint positioning with precision vernier controls.
    • An NST Ruler Tool widget for map and web page distance and area measurements.
    • A Drawing Manager widget for creating basic geometric shape overlays and markers.
    • A Drawing Manager Editor widget for overlay characteristic management and displaying distance and area calculations.
    • A Vertex Editor for precise Polyline and Polygon overlay shape creation and placement.
    • A grid of shape overlay positioning controls for geolocation network entity placement.
    • A Drawing Overlay Storage Manager for saving and restoring overlays on each NST integrated geolocation map.
    • A Map Label Editor widget for the creation and management of labeling network entities on NST maps.
    • Creation of Marker Overlay Waypoints for inventorying network entity geolocations.
    • Integration of Google Place Search for correlation with geolocated network entities.
  • Ntopng geolocation integration with the Mercator Map and Google Earth.
  • nstnetcfg enhancements including Network Bonding Management (See the NST article on: “Managing a ‘Bonding’ Network Interface“).
  • Creation of an Import/Export Management tool for saving and restoring NST specific configuration and settings between different NST systems. This tool can be advantageous when migrating to a new NST release.
  • As always, the networking and security applications included have been updated to their latest version which can be found in the manifest.
  • For more details related to the code changes for this release, refer to the “Change Log” page.


La distribuzione (2GB) può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è


Network Security Toolkit 20-5663

Network Security Toolkit 20-5663


Questa versione è basata su Fedora 20  usando Linux Kernel: 3.18.5-101.fc20

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