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Untangle NG Firewall 11.0

9 Ottobre 2014

Untangle Gateway


Untangle NG Firewall

Untangle NG Firewall è una distribuzione Linux basata su Debian adibita a gateway con moduli installabili per applicazioni di rete come bloccaggio spam, filtraggio web, anti-virus, anti-spyware, prevenzione delle intrusioni, VPN, SSL VPN, firewall, e altro.

Versione 11.0

Questa versione contiene (in Inglese):

Debian Wheezy and 3.2.0

  • 11.0 is now based on debian wheezy (7.6) and the 3.2.0 kernel. This should provide better hardware support as well as slightly better performance. After upgrading from v10.x the 3.2.0 kernel will be booted after the first reboot.

Virus Blocker

  • Virus Blocker is now based on a new commercial technology – Bitdefender! The module remains the same in all other ways.

Spam Blocker

  • Spam Blocker is now based on a new commercial technology, also Bitdefender.
  • Spam Blocker & Spam Blocker Lite now have an option to automatically bypass TLS sessions. Additionally, each email’s scoring information is now shown in the event log.

Web Filter

  • Web Filter now has an event log to search queries. The major search engines are supported: google, bing, yahoo, ask. For HTTPS based web searches HTTPS Inspector is required.

Directory Connector

  • The AD login monitor has a new installer and implementation. The new UI has been redesigned and is more intuitive.


  • L2TP usernames are now stored in the host table.
  • L2TP now support RADIUS
  • L2TP DNS can now be configured manually.
  • L2TP now supports multiple WANs.


  • OpenVPN usernames are now stored in the host table.

License Management

  • There is now an alert shown if you are currently exceeding your license. Also, devices beyond your seat limit still have their traffic processed as normal, however the hostname and username in the Host Table will both be “unlicensed” for devices beyond the limit.

Other Features

  • Packet Test now allows exporting results as a tcpdump/wireshark save file.
  • New app icons.
  • New Application Control signatures.
  • SNMP v3 is now supported.
  • More input verification added.
  • Local Directory can now be imported/exported.
  • Captive Portal can now use ‘HTTP: Hostname’ in rules.

Bug Fixes

  • Add more root CAs to HTTPS Inspector root store.
  • Many localization fixes.
  • All usernames are now case insensitive and lowercased.
  • Event logs and reports now correctly show in server timezone.
  • Many other fixes!


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:

Il sito web per sviluppatori è:


La versione 11 è incentrata sull’aumento delle performance e l’aggiunta di nuove caratteristiche, come Antivirus commerciali.


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