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HandyLinux 1.6

23 Luglio 2014

HandyLinux, XFCE


HandyLinux è una distribuzione Linux Francese pensata per i novizi. E’ basata su Debian GNU/Linux stabile ed utilizza il desktop environment XFCE. La caratteristica pricipale è un menu custiom con la applicazioni internet raggruppate in tabs.

Version 1.6

Questa versione contiene:

  • improving the accessibility menu (thank you Irina Team Freedom 0) with direct access to all functions to customize the interface and accessibility HandyLinux office.
  • Adding shortcuts windows (thank you Aphelion)
  • Adding BigBuckBunny video example
  • merger of the two versions fr / en .. exit HandyLinux-l10n
  • Adding the live launch in Safe Mode menu live
  • Adding a selector keyboard live session (thank you coyotus)
  • integration metapackages handylinux-xxx
  • addition of apt / preferences file to libreoffice in backports
  • return selector keyboard installation for the French version
  • passage icedtea-7-plugin (thank you coyotus)
  • Adding pepperflashplugin-nonfree and ttf-xfree86-nonfree for chromium (thank you dyp)
  • passage HandyMenu-2 with built-in configuration tool (thank you manon)
  • Adding deposits HandyLinux ‘coming’ commented default
  • Passage handytri in Debian package
  • Adding hpijs-ppds for ppd files (thank you DYP)
  • Adding libmtp9 and libmtp-runtime (the exit modprobe warning, thank you DYP)
  • Adding jmtpfs, mtp-tools and python-pymtp for MTP transfer (thank you dyp)
  • Adding magicfilter djtools, librecode0, recode and lpr for sending direct printing (thank you DYP)
  • overhaul of the build process
  • Update teamviewer
  • update skype
  • Debian update day
  • Adding mscorefonts-install
  • Adding iotop tools / iftop / dfc / colortail / most (thank you lexdu)


La distribuzione può essere scaricata da:

Il sito web della distribuzione è:


HandyLinux 1.6

HandyLinux 1.6


Le due versioni (Francese ed Inglese) adesso sono inglobate sulla stessa immagine.



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